Pallets and pallet boxes PALOX pallet boxes (Bigboxes)

Pallet boxes

Pallet boxes are large-volume containers with pallet bases. Their parameters enable a simple integration into standard transport systems. Their loading capacity is up to 500-600 kg and they can be stacked up to 4000kg.

Pallet boxes are availablein three different versions referring to manipulation:
1. Pallet base (two or three runners)
2. 4 legs
3. 4 steering casters
Wide range of versions and characteristic features of pallet boxes are a precondition of large-scale utilization for different applications:
· Perforated sidewalls enable better air circulation
· Smooth sidewalls for simple cleaning
· Particular versions of slip lids prevent the contents from a damage caused by external effects
· Material (PE or PP) resistant to acids and other chemical compounds
· Temperature resistance ranging from -40°C up to +100°C
Sanitary irreproachable (according to decision of head hygienist of Slovak Republic, No. 4876/97-SOZO/ŠZÚ SR)