Pallets and pallet boxes Industrial plastic pallets

Half size hygiene palletes 800x600x160
Rackable hygiene pallets (Euro) 1200x800x160
Industrial EURO pallets 1200x800x150
Industrial ISO pallets 1200x1000x170

Plastic pallets made by a good-class material are solid and extremely resistant to mechanical destruction. The reinforced version is suitable for demanding racked storage.

Thanks to a completely smooth surface and a trouble-free cleaning they are convenient for food industry. They are produced both in ISO and EURO standard dimensions with 3 runners or 9 legs.
Main advantages:
· long service life
· no splinters, nails, or sharp edges
· resistance to acids and other chemical compounds
· temperature resistance ranging from -40°C to 100°C
· non-odorous surface that does not absorb water
· plastic pallets can withstand constant load very well 
· their surface does not decompose and it is resistant to mould infection
· smooth or perforated surface
· possibility of antiskid surface
· Euro and ISO standard dimensions
· meeting the strictest sanitary code