IBC containers Valves for IBC containers

Butterfly valve
Klapkovy ventilName: Butterfly valve

Using the butterfly valve is recommended for products:
• that sticks, lumps of resin,
• with a degreasing effect,
• the share of solid fuels, for example. disperse dyes.

ETFE (eg Hostaflon ®) suitable for:
• ester, ketone and ether linkages,
• cyclic, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons,
• phenols,
• acids and oxidizing agents,
• amines and alcohols.

FPM (eg Viton ®) suitable for:

• animal or vegetable fats and oils (such as peanut
• il, coconut oil, paraffin oil)
• aliphatic hydrocarbons (eg, butadiene, isoprene)
• aromatic hydrocarbons (eg benzene, toluene)

EPDM suitable for:

• acids and hydroxides (eg, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide)
• alcohols (eg, methanol, propanol, glycol, glycerin)
• ketones (eg acetone)
• aldehydes (such as formaldehyde)
Base resistance and its use for various groups of substances can be seen in this diagram. Generally be recommended for safe choosing the correct sealant trial in practice as filler.

Valves for IBC containers

Safeguard and accurate control of outlet of various types of goods fillings of different viscosity depends on proper selection of outlet valves. EKO containers can be equipped with a butterfly valve DN 50, DN 80 or DN 150, or another version is equipped with ball valve DN 50.

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