Waste boxes Container IgloPrim

IgloPrimName: IgloPrim

Volume (m3): 1,5
Height (m): 1,45
Diameter (m): 1,5

Containers for collection of separated waste with a circle bottom were brought up as very economic and practical. IGLOPRIM containers with volume of 1,5m³ are equipped with an easy emptying system of the HDS type, which enables a simple scrap collecting.

Thanks to their strong construction, modern technology and unique features of the material itself, they are characterized by a high resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions. IGLOPRIM containers can serve for collection of various kinds of waste that can be recyclated.
IGLOPRIM containers are resistant to UV radiation without any change of their colour. They are often located in housing developments and pedestrian zones because of their specific design and colourfulness. Containers can be signed by a city or village emblem or by a compane name, which makes them even more unique.
Thanks to their form, IGLOPRIM containers can be situated also in small areas. Their large volume and small dimensions enable locating them even in such places where there is not enough space for traditionary containers.
Containers are certificated by the State Health Office. The Fire Prevention Engineer Association gave the containers a positive reference to their fire safety. Provision of guarantee is up to 5 years.