Parts cleaning devices Parts cleaning device Parts cleaning device of the type „F2“


Working space (mm): 790x490
Working height (mm): 920
Loading capacity (kg): 100
Connection: 230V, 50 Hz
Volume: 50 l drum


Mobile parts cleaning device with larger working space and higher loading capacity. A uniquely constructed pump enables continuos and failure-free operating. 

special cleaning liquid IBS (package – 200l)
WF retaining tank
flow brushes (big, strong, soft, long)
flow dust-brush
water spray gun
protective gloves


By pressing the foot switch the self priming IBS Special Pump moves the cleaner from the drum through the hose to the brush.
During the manual cleaning process fresh liquid is flowing out and the soiled liquid flows back into the drum.
The heavy dirt particles fall down to the bottom of the drum. The pump sucks fresh cleaning agent from the middle of the barrel. An extended service life of the special cleaner is ensured.
The drum with the dirty liquid is simply replaced with a drum containing fresh IBS special cleaning agent.

Fields of Application

This robust footed device from our own production is especially suited for the manual cleaning of greasy plastic and metal components, amongst others for the following:

  • Industrial parts cleaning and degreasing of surfaces
  • Maintenance and repair of production facilities, conveyors, fittings, pumps, motors and other machine parts
  • Repair and maintenance of all kind of means of transportation, e.g. trucks, motor vehicles, rail vehicles, fork lifts and conveyor vehicles, agricultural and construction machines


  • The device is operated with IBS special cleaning agents using the cold cleaning process. The cleaning agent does not have to be heated up saving you time and operating costs.
  • The parts cleaning device is available as an industrial model. The device has been tested for the TÜV type examination. Thanks to its robust and sturdy design, you are going to invest in a device with a long service life.
  • IBS parts cleaning devices are combined with solvent drums to make up operation units in which the cleaning agent is circulated until its saturation. Thanks to the multiple application of the cleaning agent, you will protect the environment and save on operating costs as well.