Plastic packaging assortment for industry

Plastic packaging assortment for industryPlastic crates, pallets and pallet containers - an important element for industry and logistics

High-quality plastic crates, industrial plastic pallets, pallet boxes and containers are an important element in industrial manufacturing, warehousing and shipping processes. Effective protection against damage, in the case of parts, parts and, last but not least, in the case of finished products, is a challenge every day for a large number of companies operating in different sectors of industry. PRIMUS For more than 20 years, PRIMUS has been supplying leading companies operating in the automotive, electrotechnical, chemical and food industries with a wide range of quality packaging and warehousing equipment


Plastic crates and boxes

Industrial plastic crates with a number of gripping elements (KLT crates, stackable euro crates, etc.) allow robotic handling, are usable for belt conveyors, production lines and demanding industrial conditions. The reason is their strength, high load capacity, temperature resistance as well as resistance to chemicals, acids and the like. In addition to storage and logistics, the plastic crates are intensively used directly in the production process - automotive, electrotechnical industry and their hygiene safety also in the food industry. The portfolio of plastic crates, boxes and boxes supplied by PRIMUS can be found here.


Plastic pallets

Industrial plastic pallets, thanks to their robustness, durability and qualitative operating parameters, help with demanding warehousing and pruning activities where the use of handling equipment such as pallet trucks or forklifts is necessary. From the point of view of input costs, although plastic pallets are a larger investment than wooden euro pallets, they are certainly a more economical alternative from a lifetime perspective and, in particular, from the perspective of incomparable qualitative parameters. In addition to wide industrial use, plastic pallets are also used in food and pharmacy (hygienic plastic pallets). In addition to the hygienically safe pallet design, it is also due to their smooth surface, which allows for trouble-free cleaning. You can find an overview of the range of plastic euro pallets and iso pallets here.


Pallet boxes and containers

Plastic pallet boxes combine and combine the advantages and functional parameters of crates and plastic pallets. In the case of pallet containers, this is a large plastic box placed on a pallet base - a plastic pallet (often referred to as a plastic bigbox). High capacity plastic pallet containers are characterized by their high internal volume, high load capacity and the possibility of stacking up to several layers. Due to hygienic safety, plastic pallet containers are mainly used in the food industry. Plastic pallet containers with full side walls and bottom, which allow for trouble-free cleaning, are supplied by PRIMUS Žilina especially to companies operating in the meat industry. Plastic containers with perforated / perforated side walls are also used in agriculture to store fruits and vegetables. However, the range of palette boxes is very wide and the selection of a suitable bigbox depends on the customer's required parameters. You can find an overview of the offer of plastic pallet boxes here.

The main advantages of the PRIMUS plastic packaging include:

  • Customized solutions - plastic crates, pallets and plastic pallet boxes are available to customers in various sizes, sizes and designs.
  • Wide accessory equipment such as crates, dividers, clips and box labels even multiply the possibilities of using the assortment.
  • The quality of the material - crates, boxes and pallets are made exclusively in the EU from quality materials, which guarantees the long life of the assortment.
  • Usage parameters -  temperature resistance, high stacking loads, crack resistance, pallets and boxes for acids and chemicals.
  • Hygienic harmlessness.

If any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right solution.

PRIMUS Zilina team


Blog added November, 2, 2018.