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Buckets, Canisters and barrels

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Buckets, Canisters and barrels

Plastic buckets and canisters

Wide offer of assortment as - plastic cookers, plastic canisters and plastic barrels made of hygienically safe polyethylene. PRIMUS Zilina offers volumes of plastic tow from 5 to 60 liters. Plastic canisters are UV-resistant, fully recyclable and their construction allows stacking. The thermal resistance of the plastic is from -20 degrees to +70 degrees. In the case of a plastic canister, this also applies to UN code packages - for packing and transport of dangerous substances according to the international transport regulations ADR, RID, IMD6, CODE, IATA-CODE, RTD6.


When choosing products we are ready to advice you and answer your questions. Price calculation for you processed individually with respect to the quantity of goods demanded.


PRIMUS customer service - sales department:

Ing. Peter Bobot
mob: +421 903 263 674
email: obchod@primus.sk