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Cleaning liquid „EL-Extra“

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Volume: 200 litres in a drum

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Volume: 50 litres in a drum

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Cleaning liquid „EL-Extra“

Hydrocarbon dissolvent proper for use in technologies demanding of degreasing perfection, especially on maintenance, before surface finishing and while degreasing metals, metallic components, electrical components. It is a perfect solution everywhere that there´s a need of faster evaporation capacity of a liquid from component surface. 

Detergent effect: perfect at cleaning oils and smears
Evaporation capacity:fast, balanced and withous residues
Material tolerance:very good, non-corrosive
Aromatic substance content:non-aromatized
Skin tolerance: very good, proved by independent testing
Concentration in the air: 176 mg/m3 (TÜV-atest), below the level (1.000 mg/m3).
Safety regulations:standard safety regulations, no specific ones
Liquidation:free waste liquidation