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RAKO euro containers


RAKO is a designation of construction conception of plastic containers with reinforced ribs, base and side wall variants resulting to long service life, excellent loading capacity, stacking and handling stability. The loading capacity with the volume up to 50 litres is equal to its specification in kilograms. The solid double base increases the loading capacity up to 70 kg. Containers are able to withstand the stacking load up to 500kg.

The RAKO containers can be used for diverse types of applications because of their massive construction, variability in shaping of their walls, bases, handles and other attributes.


Main advantages:

  • Smooth and quiet running on all band conveyors
  • Low weight, round and solid angles, ergonomically installed handles for simple manipulation
  • Material (PE or PP) resistant to acids and other chemicals
  • Temperature resistance ranging from – 40°C to +100°C
  • Sanitary harmlessness (according  to the  decision of the head hygienist of Slovak Republic)


Variability of RAKO containers helps solve problems with storage, handling and transportation. Diverse kinds of wall and base rendering create many variants; special bases suitable for automated production, double bases for loads up to 70 kg – we can provide it.


Price calculation for you processed individually with respect to the quantity of goods demanded.


PRIMUS customer service - sales department:

Ing. Peter Bobot
mob: +421 903 263 674