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Parts cleaning device

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Washing tables for ecological cleaning of parts and spare parts.

By stepping on the foot switch, you start the pump and while you are washing the dirty parts, the used liquid flows back into the barrel, where the dirt separates and settles at the bottom of the barrel. At the same time, the pump neck, which only reaches half of the barrel, sucks in clean cleaning liquid. The long service life of the cleaning liquids is thus guaranteed. The contaminated liquid is exchanged for a new barrel.

Areas of use:
For manual cleaning of metal and plastic parts and also in the following areas:

  • industrial cleaning of parts and degreasing of surfaces
  • service and maintenance of production equipment, conveyor belts, fittings, pumps, engines, other parts
  • repair and service of means of transport (motor vehicles, trucks, rolling stock, tractors, agricultural and engineering equipment)


  • saving time and operating costs because the cleaning liquid does not have to be heated
  • robust and stable construction with a long service life
  • thanks to the multiple use of the cleaning liquid, you save operating costs and the environment at the same time

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