IBC container set with diesel pump Cube 56 (12 V or 230 V)

product code: IBC Cube

UN certified IBC container 1000 L for diesel with Piusi CUBE 56 device with power supply for classic 230 V or 12 V and a flow rate of 56 L / min. The dispensing device is a proven solution for refueling diesel from an IBC container directly into a machine or car. The report contains:

  • certified IBC container 1000 L for diesel in a protective metal grid (UN code, ADR compliant),
  • quality dispenser Piusu CUBE 56 - power supply for 230 V or 12 V, flow 56 L / min, built-in mechanical flow meter K33, automatic dispensing gun and hose (power supply 12V - 4 meters, stand with power supply 230 V - 6 meters). The stand is placed in a protective metal box, which protects the individual components and at the same time allows the stand to be hung on the wall of the IBC container,
  • 230 V power cable, for 12 V version - 4 m cables terminated with terminals,
  • suction assembly - hose and fittings for connecting the dispensing device with the IBC tank.

The dispenser can be supplemented with an additional 10 micron diesel filter (at a price of 40 EUR without VAT).

PRICE - IBC tank with dispenser CUBE 56 - 230 V: 859 EUR excl. VAT

PRICE - IBC tank with dispenser CUBE 56 - 12 V: 905 EUR excl. VAT

In case of 1000litres IBC tank in black colour + 65 EUR excl. VAT.

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