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Waste containers Atyp

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Waste containers Atyp

These containers are dedicated to the separated waste collecting. They are made of polyester resins and reinforced by glass fibre.

Incombustible and chemically resistant material is usually used for the production of containers for plastic and paper stuff. Containers are high-resistant to atmospheric conditions. Surface covering colour with intense gloss is UV-stabilized and, therefore, retains its authentic colour shade. Colourfulness of containers can be modified according to requirements of our customers. We are able to integrate any titles, signs, marks etc. into the container material and that makes them indelible.

All metallic parts are galvanized. There is also a possibility to combine and connect the containers into different formations or simply use as an individual collecting units.

When choosing products we are ready to advice you and answer your questions. Price calculation for you processed individually with respect to the quantity of goods demanded.

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