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Watermeter shafts

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Watermeter shafts

Self-supporting plastic water-meter shafts are designed to be installed underground for inspection and check of water meters or for water regulation. The shaft is waterproof, frost-resistant and thanks to its low weight, it is very fast, simple and financially easy to install. The shaft does not require maintenance. For access to the shaft, a 30-cm revision entrance is closed by a plastic cover.

These water manholes are manufactured in Slovakia in the following standardized dimensions:


  • diameter: 1 m, height: 1.3 m
  • diameter: 1 m, height: 1.5 m
  • diameter: 1.2 m, height 1.3 m
  • diameter 1.2 m, height 1.5 m
  • diameter 1.27 m, height 1.8 m
  • diameter 1.1 m, height 1.5 m (the size of the water meter shaft recommended by SEVAK for Žilina and its surroundings)
  • respectively. In dimensions according to individual customer requirements.


PRIMUS customer service - sales department:

Ing. Peter Bobot
mob: +421 903 263 674
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