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Your partner for storage and logistics - since 1995.

Wholesale customers

Supplies for industrial production, logistics and trade

For our customers, we provide bulk supplies of assortment for production, storage or distribution of materials or final products.

PRIMUS automobilový priemysel

We supply an automotive industry by a wide range of a good quality plastic containers as euro containers for cable bundles and other parts and components for manufacturing, plastic pallets and storage systems. We can produce plastic assortment according to customer needs, e.g. exact component packaging.

PRIMUS potravinárstvo

In the field of food industry – mainly meat and dairy industry, bakery – we support production processes and distribution of goods delivery such as hygienic plastic pallets, high capacity pallet boxes so-called Palox, plastic pails, etc.

PRIMUS chemický priemysel

We supply companies operating in chemical and petrochemical industry with IBC containers, plastic and steel barrels, or provide complete equipment for ecological storage and disposal of petroleum products.

PRIMUS obchod a služby

Moreover, we supply specialized retail shops with our product assortment of plastic containers, food containers for meat and vegetables, IBC containers, plastic waste containers and rubbish bins for their resale to end customers.

For more information please contact PRIMUS sales department. We will gladly help our customers in process of product selection. Price quotation is always done individually in respect to customer requirements and requested quantity.