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Solutions for efficient handling of goods and raw materials. Since 1995.

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About us

Since the establishment in 1995, PRIMUS spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) is one of the leading suppliers of packaging and storage equipment in Slovak market. Company provides customers with a wide portfolio of products for efficient handling and storage of goods, production pats or raw materials, such as IBC containers, plastic crates and boxes, plastic pallets and bigboxes, plastic barrels and other packaging and warehouse assortment.

All products are manufactured in the EU and meet the highest quality standards, including certifications for use in the chemical or food industry.
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Wholesale & Retail

We supply customers from various fields of industry with wholesale deliveries of crates and boxes, plastic pallets, IBC containers and other storage and packaging assortment.

We treat small retail orders with the same care.

You can count on us.
We supply to the biggest.

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